Aircraft Towing Tractors (Pushbacks)

Baggage Handling Towing Tractors

Conveyor Belt Vehicles

High Loaders

Mobile Passenger Stairways

Ground Power Units (GPU’s)

Airport Apron Buses

Catering Vehicles

Container Pallet Transporters

Air Travel is on the increase as passengers and industry players choose to transport their cargo using Air. This subsequently increases the demand for Ground Handling Equipment. At Star Rentals, we lease out the following Equipment;

  1. Baggage Handling Towing Tractors
  2. Conveyor Belt Vehicles
  3. High Loaders
  4. Mobile Passenger Stairways
  5. Aircraft Towing Tractors
  6. Ground Power Units (GPU’s)
  7. Airport Apron Buses
  8. Catering Vehicles
  9. Container Pallet Transporters