When purchasing, you are confronted with a set of visible costs such us investment price, interest rates, ordinary repair and maintenance, insurance and fuel.

However, you are bound to encounter additional costs such as; Hidden Costs – Logistics, Safety, Administration and Overheads associated with employing dedicated technical people. Unpredictable Costs – Extraordinary repairs & maintenance, fuel price fluctuations, legislation changes, production changes, etc. Leasing on the other hand allows you to control your expenses, conserve your capital and receive fiscal benefits while utilizing the latest, top quality equipment that is safe and well maintained.

Focus on your Core Business

Leasing of depreciating assets ensures that you focus on your core business, benefit from the use of the assets, improve efficiency and ultimately cut on wastage.
You basically offload the risks associated with ownership such as breakdowns and maintenance to Star Rentals and simply keep the focus on your business.

Access to Working Capital / Cash flow

Your cash is not tied up in expensive outright purchases of vehicles & equipment. Instead, your money is available for working capital and consequently, free cash flow.